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- Car lovers once used to talk about driving
- It is the insurance policy that has enabled t
- The person must go through the quotes make
- These tanks are attached to a drain through a hose.
- This eliminates any possibility of cross contamination

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 Car lovers once used to talk about driving Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Car lovers once used to talk about driving by the seat of your pants.

This must surely be the modern-day version.

Holden's new SUV, the Equinox, delivers an Pipe fitting mould entirely new take on the old-fashioned notion of reacting to what you feel through your nether regions in order to keep your vehicle on the straight and narrow.

No, Holden hasn't removed all of the sophisticated electronic nanny systems from its newest all-imported model. Quite the contrary.

But in something of a first for the Aussie market, they've introduced a feature called "haptic alarms" to warn of possible hazards while driving their big new hope in the crowded SUV segment.

Basically, it replaces traditional alerts like flashing lights or ringing alarms with a vibrating warning in the driver's seat when the car detects danger.

And it works. A buzzing butt, it seems, is much harder to ignore than more conventional warnings.

The Equinox is the latest weapon in Holden's new all-imported arsenal, joining SUV models like the smaller Trax and bigger Trailblazer - and effectively replacing the modestly-successful Captiva in the Holden range.

The Equinox started life as a Chevrolet bearing the same name - and is built in Mexico for the US market (or at least is until President Trump has his way).

Despite its American heritage, though, it feels more like a European or Asian machine than one from the good 'ol US of A.

Its engine, for a start, is very un-American. Instead of a big V8 there's a choice of two turbo-charged petrol engines - one a very modest 1.5-litres in capacity and the other a 2-litre turbo four with plenty of zip from its 188kW. A third option - a 1.6-litre turbo diesel, will hit Holden showrooms soon.

With Holden's transition away from locally-sourced sedans like the Commodore and Cruze, the company predicts SUVs will account for one in three Holden sales in coming years. Which means high hopes for the Equinox along with the bigger Acadia arriving later this year.

And mostly, the Equinox measures up.

It's handsome enough without breaking the standard SUV mould for design.

Holden boasts about its long list of high-tech features as well as class-leading torque and power in its higher-spec models.

Even entry-level models (starting from $27,990) enjoy features such as "Holden Eye" forward-facing camera system with autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning and forward collision alert; plus blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, auto high beam and, of course, that butt-buzzing driver's seat.

The same vibration accompanies the reverse parking sensors when they're in use - and it gently buzzes your bottom if you're getting too close to a post or wall.

There are some other very thoughtful little touches in the Equinox, too.

First is a button that allows you to adjust how fully the electric rear tailgate opens - half, medium or full - which is helpful for those who park their car in low-roofed carparks or beneath other obstacles.

Even more thoughtful is a little warning that flashes when you turn off the vehicle and the car detects that you have something in the back. Its urging to "check the rear seat" could save you mistakenly leaving the freshly-bought ice cream sitting back there while you do some other chores, for instance.

Or more seriously, as has happened on a couple of tragic occasions - if a harried parent somehow forgets about the baby sleeping in the back seat as they rush to work or an appointment. In such circumstances, the alert could be a life saver.

We tested the Equinox in its fully-specified form, the flagship LTZ model featuring the bigger turbo petrol engine and impressive nine-speed automatic transmission.

With an asking price just a tick under $40-grand, it delivers plenty of goodies for the money.

Advanced park assist will let the car park itself, and the powered tailgate is also a hands-free affair.

Wireless phone charging, Bose premium audio and leather seats with memory function are part of the flagship fare.

Holden's excellent MyLink infotainment system, including an eight-inch, high-resolution touch screen, stretches down as far as the $36,990 LT model - and it's particularly intuitive and user-friendly. Apple Car Play or Android Auto are included.

Suspension and handling has been given a full tuning makeover by Holden, meaning it delivers reassuring road manners and a pleasant, compliant ride. That package features torque vectoring - essentially applying small braking inputs to the inside wheels to keep it stable in corners.

An adaptive all-wheel-drive system is optional ($4300) on the LTZ and standard on the LTZ-V - the most expensive Equinox at $46,990 plus onroads.

While the four-cylinder engine won't please everyone (particularly the off-road set) the four-cylinder turbo-diesel will be available across the range. And the Equinox boasts a two-tonne towing capacity with Trailer Sway Control.

We were reasonably impressed with the two-litre turbo four, with plenty of torque (353Nm) and enough power to skip to the speed limit in a snappy 7 seconds.

The more powerful petrol engine is standard in all but the basic LS and LS+ variants - which get a six-speed manual or auto transmission option instead of the very good nine-speeder.

And what of the Equinox name?

Holden goes to pains to point out its meaning - the occurrence twice each year (March 21 and September 23) when the sun crosses the Equator - and daytime and night time are of equal length.

Which, I suppose, can be taken two ways: A turning point - when we move from one distinct phase to another. That's certainly what Holden would like us to think.

Or, it could be construed as being not quite one one thing or the other. A bit of an in-betweener if you like.

And that probably sums up the Equinox, as well.


HOW BIG? A mid-sized SUV that will replace the Captiva in the Holden lineup, it delivers impressive cabin spaciousness and a flat, very useful cargo area.

HOW FAST? The most powerful variant, with a two-litre turbocharged engine producing 188kW and 353Nm, delivers quite brisk performance. A smaller four-cylinder engine will require more patience.

HOW THIRSTY? The smaller petrol engine sips an impressive 6.9L/100km, compared to 8L/100km for the 2-litre petrol.

HOW MUCH? Prices start at $27,990 for the least powerful, basic LS model with manual transmission. Auto adds a further $2000. At the opposite end of the range is the well-equipped LTZ-V, including all-wheel-drive and an optional diesel engine for $46,990 plus onroad costs.

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 It is the insurance policy that has enabled t Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

It is the insurance policy that has enabled the man to take the sigh of relief. This has lead to the increasing number of the auto vehicles on the road.
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The person holding the auto insurance policy is entitled to recover from the entire sum of the policy or the actual amount that is required to recover from the damages whichever is less in the event of any mishap

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 The person must go through the quotes make Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The person must go through the quotes make a brief comparison and take advice of the experts. It is very important for the person as well to be aware of all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy to avoid any confusion.

It is very easy today to find cheapest auto insurance policy. It is possible today for the person to get an auto insurance policy just at the click of a button.

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The auto insurance policies are probably the best way to counter the problem of accident. It is an unfortunate fact that accidents can occur at any point of time.
. In many parts auto Cap machine of the world the auto insurance policy has been made a mandatory requisite. Also with the development of mankind the man has realized importance of quick task performing with great efficiency. The logic backing up such an assumption is that the population has been increasing at a very rapid rate. In the event of the accident the person is entitled to obtain the entire sum of the policy or the actual amount of the policy whichever is less

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 These tanks are attached to a drain through a hose. Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

These tanks are attached to a drain through a hose. The user can continue with the job in the meantime. When the liquid in the recovery tank reaches a certain level, the auto-dump feature kicks in and starts emptying the tank into the drain.When using upholstery cleaners and carpet washer systems for relatively small cleaning tasks, the filling and dumping process does not feel like a very tough job. These bacteria can cause asthma, frequent colds, and many other health issues. Some of the best carpet cleaners and carpet cleaner extractors on the market come with a special low water flow technology.

The recovery tanks work on a similar principle. The user does not get interrupted at all, and can finish the task much faster. Choose your carpet cleaner extractors wisely! .

An automatic solution!
For Pipe fitting mould larger cleaning tasks, carpet washer systems with automatic refill and dumping capabilities can provide a faster and more efficient cleaning. Auto Plastic Parts Mold These units generally have larger recovery and solution tanks. When the levels in the solution tank fall below a certain level, it automatically starts the refilling process. The larger tanks ensure that the operator can clean for a longer time, without any interruptions. The user has to stop frequently to empty and fill the tanks while using these upholstery cleaners. Excessive water usage can actually make it difficult for the carpet to dry. Faster drying times also reduce the risk of the carpets emitting a foul odor due to dampness. Another problem is the manual refilling and dumping, which can increase the average cleaning time considerably.

This is a problem that is associated with many conventional carpet washing systems and upholstery cleaners. Contrary to what many people may think, portable carpet cleaners do not need to use large amounts of water to clean a carpet. One problem is that the solution and recovery tanks are often too small. Some of the bacteria commonly found in damp carpets include Norovirus, Salmonella, and Campylobacter. This problem is actually two fold.

Using portable carpet cleaners with faster drying times also mean that there is a reduced risk of fungus, germs, and bacteria taking root and growing in the damp material. Such carpet cleaning machines and portable carpet cleaners allow carpets to dry out faster.

The best carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners rely less on water and more on suction power to get the carpets clean. In fact, an operator may be able to finish quite a bit of cleaning before the solution tanks need to be filled and the recovery tanks need to be emptied. In case, an operator needs to clean a larger area, the process of filling and dumping can become very time consuming.

The solution tank of such carpet wash machines will be attached to a water source through a hose.

A world of features!
Apart from having auto-dump and auto-fill features, there are upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaning machines with a number of other helpful features as well. This feature is extremely useful in humid climates, or in areas that have little or no ventilation

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  This eliminates any possibility of cross contamination Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This eliminates any possibility of cross contamination and bacterial growth. 


All you need is a water line connection an outlet for electricity and you'll be ready to offer coffee vending machines to employees. In Cup Plus vending machines dispense fresh and dry ingredients directly into the cup eliminating the possibility of drink cross contamination and bacterial risk. You can select out of 16 different drink options available depending on the type of machine you select. The water dispensed is fresh, clean, filtered uncontaminated water.

In Cup Plus is committed to further pioneering vending technology whilst setting new quality and safety standards which are rapidly becoming benchmarks for the drinks vending industry. Ingredients are dispensed from factory sealed disposable cartridges in automatic coffee machines. They can also supply a touch vend key system allowing customers to regulate the number of free vend drinks supplied.

Automatic drinks vending machines are available from In Cup Plus.

In automatic vending machines the cup moves to the ingredient cartridge and fresh ingredients are dispensed directly into the cup.

I’m specific with automatic coffee machine because these offer greater hygiene standards than the current industry standard.

We are Corporate Cuisine Vending and we offer coffee vending machines in San Francisco area, food vending machines,  and soda vending machines in the Bay Area.Did you know that office employees spend a great portion of their office time in making coffee? Instead of losing precious office time, why not buy an automatic coffee vending machine for your office employees? An automatic coffee vending machine saves your employees wasted Commodity mould time, hence increasing overall staff efficiency

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